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Vanity Fair Print

ANTIQUE Vanity Fair Caricature Prints Framed By Spy 1900


Antique Prints - Vanity Fair Portraits/Caricature by Spy and Others - You Choose


Set Of 4 Framed Vanity Fair Judicial Lithographs


Vanity Fair Print "Tarka" Mr. Harcourt Gilbey Mint Condition!!! 


Vanity Fair Print #492 Mr. Joseph Henry Houldsworth "The New Steward" by SPY


Original Vanity Fair Lithograph/Sir Garnet J. Wolseley - Men of the Day - 1874


Antique Vanity Fair Print #503 Hon. Cecil Rhodes "The Cape" by SPY Mar. 28, 1891


Original Vanity Fair Horse Racing Treble Print -The Winning Post 1888 - Unfolded


4 Vanity Fair Lithographs-1870s---Caricatures-APE -SPY -Egypt


Vanity Fair Earl of Shrewsbury & Talbot "The Premier Earl" July 17, 1880 by SPY




Original 1883 Vanity Fair Print - Charles Baring


Vanity Fair "The Fourth Party" Print


Vanity Fair - The Marquis of Anglesey - 1880 Caricature Lithograph by Ape


Vanity Fair - The Earl of Galloway - 1873 Caricature Lithograph by Delfico


Original Vanity Fair Framed Color-Lithograph of the Empress of Austria, 1884.


Original Vanity Fair Legal Colored Lithograph,"Heads of the Law", 1902


Original Vanity Fair Aviation Print, of M. Santos Dumont, "Deutsch Prize", 1901.


Original Vanity Fair "Fishing" Print, Rt. Hon. Sidney Buxton, 1907.


VANITY FAIR Original Cricket Print of J.T. Tyldesley, 1906


Original Vanity Fair "Fox Hunter" print, "Worksop Manor”,1911


Original Vanity Fair "Sport Rider" print, "Bucks”, 1885


VANITY FAIR Original Cricket Print of Samuel Woods, "Sammy", 1892.


Original Vanity Fair "Fox Hunter" print, "Billy”,1906


Original Vanity Fair "Fox Hunter" print, "Bay”, 1883


Original Vanity Fair Fox Hunter print, "Blackmore Vale”, 11/11/1897


Original Vanity Fair "Miscellaneous" Print, "Lord Ribblesdale", 1881.


Original Vanity Fair Print, Siam's Ambassador to England, 1879.


Original Vanity Fair Music Print, of Sir Joseph Barnby, "Albert Hall" from 1894


Original Vanity Fair Military Print,Gen. Methuen, "The Home District",1898


VANITY FAIR Original Cricket Print of Robert Abel, "Bobby", 1902